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We need the Support of LBUSD Teachers!

If you are a teacher at LBUSD, below are ways to help support us!

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Sign and Share our Teacher Sign-On Letter

Please sign and share our Teacher Sign-On Letter to join an ever-growing list of teachers who are in support of the passage of a 100% Clean Renewable Energy Resolution at Long Beach Schools!

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Sign and Share our Petition

Join over 1,000 people in support of a 100% Clean Energy Resolution at LBUSD! Please do not forget to share the petition with others as well!

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Encourage Parents to Sign a Parent Sign-On Letter!

Please consider sending LBUSD parents a Sign-On Letter for Parents. If you are also an LBUSD Parent, please sign as well!

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Attend our Monthly Monday Meetings!

This is the single most effective way to get involved in the initiative. Our team meets every first Monday of the month from 7-8 pm and all are welcome to attend! We encourage you and your children to attend to learn more about our initiative and upcoming events!

Below is the zoom information:

Meeting ID: 897 0594 0420

Passcode: 469741

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Encourage Your Students to Get Involved

The more students and schools across LBUSD that we have involved in this initiative, the stronger our campaign will be! From starting their own Green Schools Campaign club, to attending our biweekly school board meetings, students have countless opportunities to get involved with this initiative. We have all of the information and resources on how to get started on our website (click below)! Please encourage your students to visit our website and learn of the best ways to assist us!

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