Our Story

On August 11, 2020, the Poly Green School Campaign was officially launched at Long Beach Polytechnic High School with a long term goal of transitioning LBUSD to 100% renewable energy. Poly Green Schools is a satellite campaign of the Green Schools Campaign of the Climate Reality Project.

The campaign quickly grew as Poly students reached out in support of a transition to 100% renewable energy. The campaign's leaders include Poly students Kaaya Batra, Diana Michaelson, Simona Michaelson, Victoria Quach, and Hamid Torabzadeh. The club advisor is Long Beach Poly teacher Patrick Gillogly. The campaign also works with Sybil Azur, a trained Climate Leader who was a leading figure in transitioning LAUSD to 100% renewable energy. The campaign is also partnering with Sierra Climate Club Climate Parents, who have worked with many campaigns similar to ours. 

Our campaign has recently joined forces with the Helen Keller Greenies from Long Beach, which is led by 8th grader Ruthann Heis, with the assistance of Cathy Procopio, Program Advisor for the nonprofit Grades of Green. We are also joined by the Hughes Middle School Airbenders, who are led by 8th grader Dia Rubio and teacher Danielle Van Divort. 

We are beyond excited to share our campaign with the rest of the world and help alleviate the effects of impending climate change.


Meet the Team


Diana Michaelson

Diana (she/her) is a junior at Long Beach Polytechnic high school and the founder of the Long Beach Green Schools Campaign. During the summer of 2020, she became a trained Climate Reality Leader and joined the LA Chapter's youth-run Green School Campaign, where she serves as a region coordinator for the LA area. She currently volunteers at a biofilm lab in UCLA's orthopedic surgery department.

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Victoria Quach

Victoria (she/her) is a senior at Polytechnic High School and the Vice President of the Green School Campaign. She is also a part of the Long Beach Climate Task Force working to transition Long Beach to 100% Green Energy. By joining GSC, Victoria hopes to encourage LBUSD to commit to its sustainability plan in order to ensure that the community most disadvantaged can live in a clean and safe environment.


Kaaya Batra

Kaaya (she/her) is a junior at Long Beach Poly and Treasurer of the Green Schools Campaign club. She has been a basketball player and dancer her whole life, and has recently found a new love for singing as well. Kaaya hopes that through Green Schools Campaign, she can help further better her community by learning more about climate change and contributing to a safer, healthier planet.

Hamid Torabzadeh - Headshot.jpeg

Hamid Torabzadeh

Hamid (he/him) is a junior attending Long Beach Polytechnic High School. He strives to serve The Poly Green Schools Campaign by combining his multidisciplinary interests for environmental sustainability and global health to actively mobilize swift and comprehensive energy changes at LB Poly and in LBUSD.


Rohan Reddy

Rohan (he/him) is a junior at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. He enjoys STEM and playing the alto saxophone. Rohan joined the Green Schools Campaign because he faces the consequences of fossil fuel usage on a daily basis and wants future generations to have the security that he does not.

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Ruthann Heis

Ruthie (she/her) is an 8th grader from Helen Keller Middle School, representative from the “Keller Greenies” Green Team. Last year, her team won the Campus Advocates Award from the Grades of Green 2020 Waste Campaign for their pitch video to advocate for reducing plastic waste in cafeteria lunches. She hopes to make a positive change towards a cleaner environment by participating in the Green Schools Campaign.

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Dia Rubio

Dia (she/they) is a ninth-grader at Poly High School. She became involved in environmental advocacy after learning about climate change in sixth grade and later became involved with a team that helped LBUSD make huge strides in waste reduction. When Dia's not campaigning, they're running, doing something creative, eating red vines, and fangirling and watching movies with her girlfriend.


Patrick Gillogly

Patrick (he/him) has been a teacher at Long Beach Poly High School for 17 years, teaching AP US History, Model United Nations, and Model United Nations II / Leadership. He is passionate about environmental and human rights issues and would like to see the United States work towards and become more familiar with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Green Schools Campaign is a great vehicle for local change and sustainable development and he is very excited to be a part of it.


Cathy Procopio

Cathy Procopio is a Program Advisor for the environmental non-profit Grades of Green, which provides support and resources to students as they turn their passion into environmental action. She participated in the Los Angeles 2018 Climate Reality Training program and is currently supporting students around the world in Grades of Green's Climate Solutions Campaign.

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Mary Lunetta

Mary Lunetta is the Senior Campaign Representative for Sierra Club. In her role, she supports parents, students, and teachers across the nation organizing to move their school communities to commit to 100% clean energy, and electrify school buildings and school bus fleets. She lives in Idyllwild, CA on the traditional land of the Cahuilla, and she is a mom to two young children in elementary school.


Sybil Azur

Sybil Azur is a mother of two, writer, and documentary filmmaker. She is a volunteer for Climate Reality Los Angeles and led them team that spearheaded the initiative to transition the Los Angeles Unified School District to 100% clean, renewable energy. She is proud to be acting mentor for the Long Beach Green Schools Campaign since its inception.


Soli Nickerson

Soli (she/her) is an 8th grader at Rogers Middle School. She joined her school’s green team in 7th grade, which sparked her interest in the environment. Since then, her team has won an award during a competition run by Grades of Green for helping reduce water usage in their community. She has also presented to her Congress representative on behalf of her school. She is very excited to be working the Long Beach GSC and make a difference in the world.


Amy Crevino

Amy (she/her) is a junior at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. She wants to participate in the Green Schools Campaign to be a part of the solution to a problem that is far too often ignored. Amy knows that this young, but mighty, group of individuals can make a substantial impact on their environment.


Simona Michaelson

Simona (she/her) is a junior at Long Beach Polytechnic and the Social Media Advisor in the Green Schools Campaign. As an 8th grader at Hughes Middle School she received 2nd place at the California State Science Fair for her work in psychology. Simona has been a committed singer since she was a toddler and has recently begun exploring the dancing world. Simona is excited to learn about and better the environment through the Green School Campaign.

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Angelique Gonzalez

Angelique (she/her) is a Junior at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, CA. She has always tried her best at being environmentally conscious, but she wanted a way to get involved and to make a notable difference for the environment and her community. Angelique will be helping to connect people and raise awareness for the Green School campaign through Instagram and other social media platforms.


Charlotte Peterson

Charlotte (she/her) is a junior in the PACE program at Polytechnic High School. She is also president of her school's activism club, Poly For Change. As someone committed to social justice she also champions environmental justice.


Jack Donaldson

Jack (he/him) is a part of the Green Schools Campaign at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. He is a junior and joined the club because he would like to see his school district make significant changes towards becoming more renewable before he graduates. He is passionate about being part of and trying to influence positive change in his community.


Keira Lam

Keira (she/her) is a sophomore at Polytechnic High School in Long Beach, California. Her hobbies include listening to music, sewing, photography, and the outdoors. She’s excited to work with GSC to take some action and make change within our community and the world.

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Althea Aguel

Althea (she/her) is a sophomore at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. She is very passionate about helping the environment. Althea's hobbies include writing music as well as singing and playing her guitar and piano. She hopes she can create substantial change through the Green Schools Campaign.


Yareli Araujo

Yareli (she/her) is a Junior in the PACE program at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, CA. She enjoys the outdoors, bike riding, reading, and gardening. By joining the Green Schools Campaign she hopes to make her community more aware of alternative energy sources.