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Long Beach GSC meets with Long Beach's Third District Council Office

On Wednesday, August 4th, the Long Beach Green Schools Campaign met with Jack Cunningham, the Chief of Staff for Councilwoman Suzie Price's office. The campaign presented its initiatives and achievements, including a discussion on a recent meeting with LBUSD Superintendent, Facilities Director, and District 1 Board Member. As Councilmember Price represents a coastal district in Long Beach, our campaign was excited to hear that her office values sustainability, especially in the face of climate change. We also discussed ways in which the 3rd District can support us, though it is important to mention that the school and city governments function separately. Mr. Cunningham suggested that Price's office can likely support our campaign on social media and include us in an upcoming newsletter. Mr. Cunningham also mentioned that there is a possibility that members from the 3rd District will attend our upcoming student-led Climate Rally on September 18th from 10-12 in MLK park to encourage LBUSD Board Members to pass a 100% Clean Energy Resolution!

We greatly appreciate Mr. Cunningham meeting with our campaign and look forward to continuing to meet with community leaders and garnering support for our movement!

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