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An Eventful Two Weeks for the Campaign!

On August 30th, the campaign met with Permacity, a solar energy equipment supplier in the LA area. This company works with public facilities, real estate Portfolio owners, and business owners to convert unused roof assets into revenue while contributing to a sustainable climate, reduced heat islands, and the reduction of local air pollution. They have expressed interest in working with Long Beach Unified School District and were able to connect to our campaign via contacts at the LA Climate Reality Chapter. The CEO of Permacity, Jonathan Port, explained that his company has already been in conversation with the City of Long Beach regarding transitioning the city to 100% clean energy. He also said that his team will put together a macro-economic estimate report to demonstrate that LBUSD can transition easily off of fossil fuels. Herb Mendelsohn, from Permacity, explained to us that he has already looked at about 20 schools in the district and sees a lot of potential for solar infrastructure development. Mr. Port and his team are also leading the development of SolarStrap technology, a solar panel roof attachment method that places solar cells on flat roofs without the need of penetration or ballasts.

Permacity leaders also agreed to participate in the Youth Climate Rally our campaign will be holding on September 18th. They will speak specifically on how solar technology developments are important in terms of providing local job opportunities. In the next couple of weeks, Permacity will provide our team with an economic summary report for solar energy for the district, and get us in contact with Long Beach labor and electrical union leaders (who would support good-paying union jobs supplied by solar technology developments).

On Thursday, September 2nd, the campaign also met with District One Councilwoman Mary Zendejas. After we presented the campaign's goals and progress, Ms. Zendejas expressed that she supports our initiative. Unfortunately, the Councilmember will not be able to attend the Climate Rally on the 18th, but said she might be able to send someone from her office in her place. She also said that she would be happy to advertise about our rally on her social media. She also agreed to have her office submit an OpEd to local newspapers to promote our rally! Ms. Zendejas will also sign our letter of support and seems very open to supporting our campaign and continuing to communicate.

On Tuesday, September 7th, the campaign also met with Chris Kelly and Chris Callopy, from the Teachers Association of Long Beach (TALB). After a summary of the campaign, Chris Callopy, the TALB Executive Director, said that he was impressed with our work. He and Chris Kelly, the TALB President, have invited our campaign to attend the TALB Board Meeting next Tuesday at 1 pm. Depending on what the TALB Executive Board decides, the Green Schools Campaign might even present at a TALB Council meeting later in September.

The Long Beach Green Schools Campaign would like to thank Permacity staff, Mary Zendeja's office, and the TALB for taking the time to meet with our campaign and expressing interest in assisting us in a 100% Clean Energy Resolution for the Long Beach School District!

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