July 18th, 2022
5 pm
District Administration Building Community Room (1515 Hughes Way, Long Beach, CA)

Over the past couple of months of working with the LBUSD Facilities Department, Sustainability Team, and the Strategic Programs and Policy Director, the Long Beach Green Schools Campaign and LBUSD staff have decided that the most effective way to commit LBUSD to clean energy is by updating the District's current Board Policy 3510 on Green Schools Operations. The original Board Policy 3510 was adopted by the LBUSD Board of Education in 2019 and is based on a policy written by the California School Board Association. Recently, and with the LBUSD team, we have been going back and strengthening the language of the Board Policy so it focuses on a transition to clean energy. The current draft with revisions to Board Policy 3510 actually focuses solely on the energy component of Green Schools Operations, meaning we are currently working to pass Board Policy 3510.1 Green School Operations - Energy Policy, and in the future, the District will work on crafting Board Policy 3510.2, 3510.3, etc. to tackle food waste, recycling, and other sustainability priorities.

The current document marks a monumental step in shifting LBUSD away from fossil fuels with impressive language such as a commitment that all new machinery purchased by the school district be zero-emission technology! This 3510.1 Energy Policy will be presented at the July 18th School Board Meeting, and we encourage anyone, and everyone to attend and provide public commentary to encourage to LBUSD Board of Education to pass the revisions to the Green Operations Policy!


Interested in Providing Suggestions to the Energy Policy Draft before it gets Presented to the Board?

The current draft of Board Policy 3510.1 Green School Operations - Energy Policy can be viewed here.

Please submit comments to David Miranda, LBUSD's executive director of Facilities Development & Planning, by Thursday, June 16. Mr. Miranda can be reached at dmiranda1A@lbschools.net.


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Here at the Long Beach Green School Campaign, we are working with the LA Chapter Youth Committee of the Climate Reality Project to transition LBUSD to 100% renewable energy.

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